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Committee to Elect Piotr Mitros

For excellence in the Cambridge Public School District

Empowering Organizational Change

If you’ve ever tried to improve things in CPSD, you know it’s sometimes like running into a brick wall. That’s a broad organizational problem. The role of the School Committee and the administration ought to be to facilitate, encourage, support, and streamline rather than to dictate. Organizations can improve very quickly when management moves from control to empowerment, especially when combined with mechanisms to spread best practices.

CPSD has had this problem for a long time. As I’ve learned about the history of CPSD, what struck me was how many good ideas came from the wrong places. The Innovation Agenda was a terrific set of ideas. It fell on its face because it was forced top-down on teachers and parents, missing many of the realities on the ground. At the same time, it seems to be an open secret that the school administration retaliates against teachers who speak up publicly or try to change things.

I would like to flip CPSD around to behave like a modern organization where our teachers are empowered to do a great job. I would like to: